Warforged Warden


Set back from the road in a temporary camp the men listened as the Warforged Warden continued his tale;

“I was a commissioned officer for the Karrnath, my unit, Omega Squadron, fought on the front line, we thought we were unstoppable, invincible, the best of the best, a lethal fighting unit. Turns out we were wrong.”

One of the listeners noticed the Ghulra, a rune carved in to the Wardens forehead, the old tongue symbols for Omega and for Pi. “So that makes you Pi then?” he asked.

The Warden turned to him an nodded “yes, Pi was my designation within Omega Squadron”, turning his head back to the fire he continued “we met the Aundair on the battle field and they rolled over us, destroying everything in their path. The Karrnath high command in one last ditch attempt to save the day raised our fallen and threw them in to the fray but it was all for nought, the day was lost a nation crushed”

As he spoke his metal and stone plated hand formed a fist and seemed to crush the words as he spoke “my nation lay in ruins, poverty, famine and disease wherever you looked. I walked through the land unaffected by the sickness and hunger but unable to help, I am made of war not pestilence and stagnation” OmegaPi’s eyes glowed briefly red and then faded to their usual black hue.

“So I left my homeland and have journeyed far in search of a cause where my abilities can be used for good, where I can make a difference, who knows maybe my quest will end here”.

The living construct abruptly stood, his 6ft 6 frame towering over the listeners who despite themselves flinched back at the sudden movement. “Sleep now” he said “I will keep watch and make sure nothing approaches, I have no need of sleep” with that he strode to the edge of camp, his eyes searching the darkness, statue still but fully alert and ready for action.


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