Kaffphrin d'Iralaise

Kaffphrin d’Irilaise

Since the day she was born Kaffphrin d’Iralaise has been certain of two things. This war will last forever, and objects will do what you say if you know how to ask them.

The Day of Mourning proved her wrong on the first point. For 2 years she had been fighting on the north eastern front of Breland. The Roaring Eagles were the best of the best. They called her Kat because she always landed on her feet. Then those bastard Thranians ambushed them in the ruins of a Khyber cult temple. So she’d been reassigned to the floating fortress of Argonoth, patrolling the borders, along with a new regiment made up of other remainders like her. She loved Breland, more than her family, more than her friends,more than her unit and no-one was going to take it from her. Then the gray mists rolled in, everything changed. Now the Last War is over, and there’s no winners, just degrees of loss.

The second certainty still remains. Items come alive at her command. Steel walks, and brass sings. Cogs and clockwork are more than mere tools, they are vessels, able and willing to obey. She has a new mission now, to use her talents to fix things. To fix her country. To repair Cyre. To make everything better.

Kaffphrin died with Brelish ambition on the Day of Mourning. On that same day Kat was born, and a new blueprint with her.

Since that fateful day, Kat has found her voice and has followed the bardic path, forsaking her previous world of clockwork spirits. Now all will hear her tales and her songs, and they will remember…

Kaffphrin d'Iralaise

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