Oriel d'Saldan

Interdimensional Bounty Hunter


Oriel d’Saldan is lost. He has no idea what dimension he’s in. He only knows that the rock he’s currently wandering about on goes by the name of Eberron. He’s REALLY lost.

Oriel is a citizen of the Elven Court in his home dimension. Having been endowed with the ability to view and contact different dimensions, the elves have taken it upon themselves to attempt to bring peace to the mulitverse. To this end, they set up a crack commando unit called the Moderators, effectively a group of inter-dimensional prefects. As a Moderator, Oriel has spent his adult life sealing the small rips in the boundaries between dimensions to ensure everything stays where it should. The irony that he has now fallen victim to one of these rifts is not lost on him.

Recently it was brought to the Moderators’ knowledge that a young girl in the mortal realm had the ability to shape realities with her mind, a fact of which she is currently unaware. Such power is rarely seen and Oriel was tasked with the mission of bringing her in before she inadvertantly causes an inter-dimensional armageddon. Or before the Night Riders, a group of chaos demons feeding on death and destruction, get their hands on her. He has no what happened, but when he tried to use a dimensional portal to make initial contact with the girl he was instead sucked into a reality of which he has absolutely no knowledge.

He is currently surviving as a soldier of fortune, a hired bow and arrow, until he can figure out a way to get home. Of two things he is absolutely sure:

1 – that Roanne Hunter, the girl with the ability to crush worlds with her mind, is not in this dimension

2 – he has no idea how to get to her before the Night Riders do

Oriel d'Saldan

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