The Tower of Scars

It’s late winter and you are approaching a ruined tower in the mountains at the border between Breland and Cyre. It’s late afternoon and the sun is already low in the sky, cold but clear. You can hear the clash of armies on the Saerun Road below.

Kaffphrin d’Iralaise (Kat)

Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden of House Medani was captured in a skirmish a few days ago and Intelligence suggests he is being held in the Tower of Scars. As one of the surviving members of The Roaring Eagles you’re mission is to free the Lord Major.
Minor Quest (100xp) Rescue Lord Bren ir’Gadden and bring him to Safety.


Your research has led you to believe a Dragonmark has appeared in an old abandoned tower on the borders of Breland and Cyre. The Undying Court (Elven Ancestors) have provided you with a dragonshard to make a record of the Dragonmark.
Minor Quest (100xp) Find the Mark of Prophecy in the tower.

Oriel d’Saldan

The Undying Court believes Oriel’s arrival on Eberron was Prophesised, he is travelling to the Tower of Scars with Aramil to find the Dragonmark
Minor Quest (100xp) Find the Mark of Prophecy in the tower.

Raging Storm

After one particularly violent outburst Raging Storm finds himself roaming the mountains, watching the battle and the stupidity of men. The day is drawing on and the Tower looks like a good place to rest for the evening
No Quest


Intelligence suggests that the emerald claw are sending three officers and a bunch of zombies to the Tower. Your mission is to find out what they are up to.
And stop them.
Minor Quest (100xp) Against the Emerald Claw



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