Taking the Tower

After setting the scene (see Tower of Scars) we rolled for initiative and entered the tower battle map from different directions, Aramil and Oriel snuck out from behind a tree, Kat from behind the Kruthiks mound Raging Storm from the north and OmegaPi – straight up the main road. The players did a bit of description of their characters as each came into view, OmegaPi walked up the road into the tower as the other PCs skirted round and battle was joined.

OmegaPi took a beating from one of the Dolgrim warriors but the encounter was fairly straightforward. Not using the dolgrims flanking bonuses and getting caught out a couple of times by the Warforged Warden mark they went down. The party worked well – Aramil taking to his first DnD game admirably, Oriel’s twin strike working nicely and Kat & Raging storm slowly getting to grips with new character classes (Artificer and Monk)

After finding the prisoners Bren ir’Gadden and his aide Aric Blacktree and taking a short rest they heard a shout from outside the tower “Hand over the prisoners and you can all go free”

To make things easier for me I turned the map round for the second encounter, I think that took longer than the actual encounter. Another set of high Initiatives and Raging Storm and OmegaPi pulled out Dailies (I think). The Monk used Whirling Mantis step to clear the path to Mallora, the Emerald Claw Necromancer and the Warden charged in using his Aspect power. As Mallora called her zombies in to mob the warden (hoping to take advantage of Death’s Cowl: aura 3, living creatures within the aura grant combat advantage to undead creatures within the aura) Aramil’s Orbmasters Incendiary Detonation erupted in their midst.

One round down and things weren’t looking good for the emerald claw. On the road below the mourning started to roll in and in my mind it was looking pretty Epic (well, Heroic).

The end of the encounter, the Prisoners rescued, the emerald claw defeated and Cyre turned into the Mournland. XP and treasure dished out and some setup for the next session. I enjoyed my first session and I think the guys did too. I’m now prepping for the next session, some city based shennanigans in Sharn – I wonder if anyone’s trained in Streetwise..?



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