Welcome to Eberron

In the days before time the three progenitor dragons battled. Khyber tore Syberis apart and his body became the world above, the twelve moons, all the stars and the golden ring of Syberis. Eberron wrapped Khyber in his coils and imprisoned him forming the world below, home to many including the Drow and the goblins known as the Dhakaani. Eberron the dragon became Eberron the land.

Eberron’s history has been long and violent, scholars tell that the land was ruled once by giants who’s legacy can be seen in the long-abandoned structures of Xen’drik. One thousand years ago Galifar united the Khorvaire into the Kingdom of Galifar. The Kingdom of Galifar ended with the death of the last king, King Jarot. Unable to agree on Jarot’s successor his five children split Khorvaire into five separate nations and have been entrenched in 100 years of war, a war that is all a whole generation of humans have known.

Four years ago a tragedy struck, the nation of Cyre was unexpectedly and inexplicably destroyed one calm summers evening by a deadly mist. Cyre is now a wasteland known as the Mournland and that event is known as the Mourning. the Mourning set into motion a peacw process that culminated in the Treaty of Thronehold. It is an uneasy peace, the Dragionmarked houses and the various guilds vie for political power, border skirmishes are common-place and behind it all the Draconic Prophecy slowly unfolds.

The Eberron you know is a land of wonder and danger. Wizards have harnessed elementals to power machines; lightning rail, flying galleons and horseless carriages. The Warforged – an army of magical constructs created for the war – are trying to find their place in the world along with all the other refugees of Cyre. Shining cities are centres of military power, learning and art. Spies lurk round each corner and nothing is always what it seems.

Your adventure starts on a late winter’s evening in Khorvaire during the war. Who are you and what did you do in the war? Obviously you were destined for great things, you are heroes! Were you a leader of men, a scholar or spy, a refugee or maybe a draft dodger…? Do any of you know each other or are you all going to have to meet in a Tavern?

Do you know who you are yet?


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